Phoenix has been maintaining a quality system consistent with ISO 9001:2008, which provides the foundation for our organization to harmonize the quality of our products and services with those of our customers and subcontractors. Our quality management system                  is accredited by TUV InterCert on Sep.2016. The certificate is valid until Sep. 2019.
The Quality Manual describes the quality policy to assure the quality in the performance of design and engineering, procurement & procurement management, construction, erection management of various plants and facilities, and also prescribes the quality system elements in the same sequence of clauses as ISO 9001.
Our Quality Management System is characterized by the Quality Management Manual, supporting quality assurance procedures and many kinds of reference documents including corporate standards, specifications, procedures, instructions, guidelines and the like. More than forty no. procedures, instructions and checklist are provided and followed accurately.
Also, Phoenix has been maintaining a HSE system consistent with ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 which provides the foundation for our organization to improve the company and under taken projects Health, safety and environmental (HSE) performance activities.
Active and ongoing participation by all involved entities in each project are essential to achieve this goal. While each has distinct role to play in ensuring the ongoing safety of all involved, there is an opportunity to further enhance the Excellency of company by clearly defining roles and responsibilities, establishing expectations for all induvial personnel.
In case, Phoenix designated as Project management consultant / Managing Contractor,will provide HSE project guideline/Overall HSE plan  to :

• Improve workplace safety, health and environmental performance by performing in the company and assisting consultant(s)/contractor(s) in administering an effective HSE program for the project.
•    Facilitate the interfaces of consultant(s)/contractor(s) in the project.

This guideline should be designed not only to protect all personnel involved in project phase but also in operation phase including workplace injuries , illness and losses associated with the incidents.