Phoenix Story

Almost twenty years ago, a group of well-educated student of best universities of the country (Iran) , with inspire of building a better world came across the industries, Engineering and Management graduated by M.S and B.S degree, came together from various areas with different knowledge, skills, manner and capabilities but with unique goals, values, mission and vision;

provision of valuable and effective  services with efficient performance.

The story began in a well-known engineering consultant company named EIED which was one              of the six reputable consultant of Oil, gas and petrochemical among the country and OIEC as parent company and one of the largest general contractor of Oil and Gas Industries in different and important projects such as 6th Olefin ,  Fananavarn Acid Acetic , Sirri NGL.

These engineers experienced various and detailed engineering work, procurement engineering services and field engineering continued up to engineering and department manager level during project life cycle activities up to commissioning stage and delivery to the clients.

The story continued when the team was came together again for more experiencing project management in one of the well-known Managing Contractor (MC) companies named NDEC. Various projects such as Hamedan/ Bijar Gas Stations, Esfahan Refinery Upgrading Project, Gachsaran Olefin and … was executed by this team as Engineering Director Project manager, Engineering and Division manager and Procurement manger.

At the time of crisis, recession and restrictions, the team defined, initiated and executed one of the successful projects of Petrochemical industries named 3rd phase of Pardis Urea and Ammonia.

The Project was performed based on E+P+C delivery system due to special conditions. The project was being managed on 7 Engineering Consultant, 250 Vendors and nearly 20 contractors with more than 500 contracts based on Kellog / STAMICARBON technologies for production of 667,000 Tons/Year of Ammonia and 1,705,000 Tons/Year Urea which will be commissioned very soon by Pardis experts.

At the same time, definition, initiation and execution of first stage of Kermanshah 2nd phase of Urea Ammonia was done by the team.

Today, after 20 years of close, friendly and synergic collaboration, and being awarded local and global excellency prizes, now we are all came together under our owned private consultancy company with carefully balanced combination of knowledge and the experience of working in international partnerships, large scale project successes , implementation of private and public clients’ requirements and perceptions in oil and gas and specially petrochemicals enhances our capabilities to effectively define, consultant, design, problem solving and manage new plans and projects with Phoenix ;

A rebirth in a new aspect:

Phoenix Vision Consultant Group