Premium Services to Owners / Clients / Financiers

Our services covers not only all aspect of project and pre-project life cycle activities but also a wide range of consultancies and activities which will lead the operating plant for best and optimal condition for production of best quality product within reasonable cost considering safety and environmental criteria.

We are providing consultancy to the clients to lead them to the best possible project or solution considering their constraints including budget, timing, geographical and climate condition, available markets and outlook to the business plan., this will be presented in following services and stages of project or production cycle :

Pre-investment Studies

This studies will include a wide range of activities which will lead client to the best possible project or solutions, it will cover wide range of projects both in green filed or brown field project, the various stages of these studies are as follow:

  • Opportunity studies
  • Pre-feasibility studies
  • Supporting (Functional studies)
  • Feasibility studies
  • Market Analysis and Survey
  • Bussiness Plan
  • Special Survey and analysis

Investment Phases Services

The investment or implementation phase of a project provides wide scope for consultancy and engineering work, first and foremost in the field of project management. The investment phase can be divided into the following stages:

  • Establishing the legal organization for the implementation of             the project
  • Conceptual design of project and technology selection 
  • Technology acquisition and transfer, including basic engineering
  • Detailed engineering design and contracting, including tendering, evaluation of bids and negotiation
  • Project Procurement , Procuremenr supervision and Management
  • Project Engineering supervision and Management
  • Acquisition of land, construction work and installation
  • Recruitment and training of personnel
  • Plant commissioning and start-up
  • Project Management 
  • Project Management Consultancy

Premium Services to Manufacturers / Suppliers

  • Market survey and potential analysis for entering and making success in the market for Suppliers of Special Equipment/ Materials to assist them to facilitate Iran market share expansion.
  • Introducing the new area of technologies and materials to the prospect clients and making technical meeting and presentation.
  • Survey of all various market for any possibilities and providing Market survey reports.
  • Providing Marketing strategy service for promoting the material and equipment.
  • Providing regular (quarterly) and special report including the market status, prospect projects status and ongoing opportunities.
  • Indicating the required technical and commercial requirement for each client, depending on the product, project and other constraints of the project.
  • Supporting technical issues with respect to our academic background and well educated and experienced technical team.